Australia to lift World Cup Trophy

Australia to lift World Cup Trophy

CITY-BASED astrologer Shree Ragini, who first came in the news with her predictions on the results of the Assembly elections, is again hogging the astrological limelight with her say on the outcome of the World Cup.

According to Ragini, Australia will win the Final match against Sri Lanka to be held at Barbados tomorrow, something even cricket commentators and aficionados would not deem out of the ordinary. For Ragini however, it is the planetary chart of the team that is the deciding factor and presently, the planets seem to be favouring Australia, She declares solemnly.

Astrology is a scientific study through which future events can be predicted, sometimes through indications, after a study of planetary positions of individuals, places and things, Ragini says, She also voiced her contempt for people using the science to fool others and earn money.

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