Metro mishaps an astrological explanation

Metro mishaps an astrological explanation

Several mishaps have occured during the ongoing jaipur Metro rail project, which began on November 13, 2010.

On the surface level, these mishaps may seem routine or due to human error, but on the astral plane the cause lies in the day chosen for commencement of the work. A machine was used to dig the earth on November 13, a Saturday, for the project.

As per astrological calculations, the day was not auspicious for beginning of construction work, especially using machines and iron tools to pierce the chest of the earth. So far, five mishaps have taken place on the metro construction sites in which five people died. These mishaps will continue unless the government finds solutions.

Fault Line

  • Astrological pattern on November 13, when first cut was made in the earth for the project, was not auspicious fron any angle.
  • Ketu was in the 4th house that is the house of the earth.
  • Maligend 4th house as well as owner of the house causes vehicle related accidents.
  • Saturn (Shani) looked at the 4th house and at the 9th house of Mars (Mangal).
  • There was not a single auspicious star in the centre of astral chart of the day.
  • Vridi Yog (addition combination) was ruling the day, but negative combination of stars will lead to addition in negative incidents.
  • November 11 and 12 were comparatively auspicious days.


  • Combination of these stars causes heavy loss to the ruler (government) and the public.
  • Sudden accidents and mishaps will keep on occuring during construction phase as well as running of the metro rail.
  • Majority of mishaps will take place due to collapse of structures, caving in of pillars, and damage to tracks.
  • Electric current will remain main source of tragedies once the rail starts functioning.

Since the work started on highly inauspicious day, the ill effects need to be solved immediately through Vedic upayas (solutions)

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