Sourav Ganguly came back with shine.

Sourav Ganguly came back with shine.

RAGINI SHREE an astrologer had a role in the Assembly elections. She predicted the victory of the SAD-BJP alliance. “An astrologer not by profession but by the grace of God,” Ragini runs a house hold and does not charge anything for her transcendental services. She stated she was fascinated by astrology and the cosmic dance of the planets from childhood. Predictions, according to Ragini, come naturally to her.

She has quite an impressive astrological resume, with successful predictions of the tsunami, earthquake in Pakistan, the spectacular comeback of Sourav Ganguly and the latest trump card, formation of the SAD-BJP government in Punjab. These predictions are available on her website

More predictions would soon be pasted on the site, she said. “I don’t have to calculate things for long. The predictions just come to my mind after taking a single look at the planetary position of individuals, Places, things and anything in the world.” She stated that in her student days, she used to be more interested in astrology books rather than her regular text-books.

“It was as if I knew astrology from a past life and have been pursuing the field for the last 25 years. It is a great field which leads one towards spirituality but still a balance between your interests and family life has to be made.” She cautions. Ragini said people ridiculed her when she predicted the tsunami and the earthquake, both of which happened. It is tough for common people to believe in mystical things but they should have faith, Ragini said.

“In the new Samwat year (from April 2007 to April 2008) there will be loss of some great personalities whose names start with letter A, in media there will be exposure of popular personalities from the film world and more violence will mar Indo-Pak relations. But the year will be for the banking sector” she predicted. There’s news for cricket aficionados as well, she will make predictions about the world Cup soon.

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