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Can astrology play a role in medical sciences? The subject has been debated for years with claims and counter claims from both astrologers and medical fraternity. But for the first time, the psychiatry department of Sawai Man Singh Hospital has offered to study the role of astrology in diagnosis and treatment of mental ailments.

The interested astrologers have to approach the department head and show their skills in diagnosis of a person’s ailments through the study of horoscope or any other method. If the study gets 95% ‘true results’ the findings of the experiment will be published in a medical journal.

Shiv Gautam, head of psychiatry department at SMS Hospital, said that some astrologers have approached him. “I have proposed them to do a ‘double-blind study’ in which the investigating person doesn’t know whether the investigated person is suffering from any ailment or not. We will give horoscopes of some patients as well as healthy persons to them and scrutinize the results. As per the ‘statistical significant probability value’, 5% error is acceptable but 95% results should reveal the truth,” said Gautam.

He said that though the claims of astrology experts cannot be completely ruled out, the results have to be assessed before accepting them. “The results, if pass statistical significant probability value, will be recommended for publication in some medical journals,” Gautam added.

The study of grahas (position of planets) and charkas (spiritual energy points in stuble body of a person) can easily detect the ailments of a person and even predict the diseases in advance, feels Ragini Shree, an astrologer practicing the concept.

“Based on correct calculations and study of planetary chart and horoscope of a person, exact cause and possible treatment of diseases, as complicated as heart attacks, infertility and mental illness, could be suggested,” She claimed. She said, “A number of doctors have evinced interest in this side of astrology and are even pursuing related courses.”

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