Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Astrology generates a lot of curiosity and interest in majority of humans. And it is natural to have many questions also. We try to answer a few here but write to us if you have more:

What can astrology do for me?
Astrology is the science of Stars. On the basis of a person’s date, time & place of birth astrology functions. If a person has his horoscope (Janam Patri) astrology can provide highly useful and beneficial information to that person. Astrology can tell about coming good and bad time of a person. With help of this information, a person can modify himself and apply remedies to tackle future problems.

What is needed to make true prediction?
A true prediction is based on the nature of question. Usually, date, time & place of birth of person or place is needed for prediction. But spiritual insight and strong character is a must for true prediction.

How can Vastu consultation help?
Vastu is based on scientific concept of inherent energy which rules the universe. Vastu is based on five elements with which human body and surroundings are also formed. Thus, Vastu consultation can help in finding proper surroundings, setting of a building, house, office, factory, etc to ward off mental, physical, financial and other problems.

Is marriage of a manglik with a non-manglik possible?
Basically, there is a trend that a manglik person should marry another manglik for success of marriage. But in some conditions it is possible that a manglik person can marry a non-manglik. For this purpose, proper study of horoscope by an experienced astrologer is a must else results can be worse.

I don’t know exact day or time of my birth. Is astrological consultation possible for me?
Earlier, it often happened with people born in rural areas when parents didn’t bother to record date and time of birth. However, now a days also parents may skip recording exact time, if not date, of birth. Nevertheless, there are methods for successful astrological consultation for such people also. Prediction for them can be given on the basis of Prashna kundli, (question method).

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