Mangal Dosha | Manglik | Delhi Gurgaon India

Mangal Dosha | Manglik | Delhi Gurgaon India

Manglikdosh MarriageMangal Dosha or being manglik is an astrological condition that occurs if planet Mars is located in a particular way in a few houses in the horoscope of a person. The highest degree of this dosha is formed when Mars is placed in ascendant and seventh house. The person born under such condition is termed a Manglik.


How Mangal dosha or being Manglik affects?
* On average four out of ten people are born with this dosha
* It can also cause delay in marriage and dissatisfaction in relation
* This condition is considered devastating for marriage often leading to divorce
* Causes discomfort and tension in relationship and in some cases untimely death of a spouse
* In Hindu system of life, it is preferred to marry a Manglik boy to a Manglik girl because two negatives cancel each other and make a positive
* It’s not true that if a person is born on Tuesday, he/she is a Manglik

mang2How we serve you?
* Send us your Date, Place & Time of birth and we’ll find degree of mangal dosha
* If dosha is found strong enough to cause problems, we suggest some vedic remedies
* Majority of remedies can be performed at personal level but some require vedic rituals
* We have suggested and performed these remedies successfully for hundreds of mangliks.

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