Matrimonial Issues | Love or Arrange Marriage | Delhi Gurgaon India

Matrimonial Issues | Love or Arrange Marriage | Delhi Gurgaon India

Marriages are made in Heaven, Astrology betters the Bond. Finding a right life partner is a very crucial task in life. Since two persons have to spend life together it is important to find out compatibility. Match making is not an easy job and some marriages break even after match making process and people tend to blame astrology and astrologers.

Common matrimonial questions:

  • When will I get married?
  • Will I get a perfect match for myself?
  • Will I have an arranged or love marriage?
  • Will I marry a foreigner or a native?
  • Will my marriage be successful?
  • How will be my married life?
  • We are living separately. Are there chances of reunion?
  • I am a divorcee. Will I or should I marry again? When?
  • Is there a second marriage in my life? Or is it better to remain single?

How astrology helps in matrimonial decisions?

* Compatibility of relationship through astrological
* Auspicious time, place and method of marriage
* Identifying malefic stars/planets creating obstacles in smooth relationship
* Chances of divorce or separation and how to ward them off
* Removing obstacles in way of smooth divorce or separation
* Remarriage after divorce or death of spouse, reunion after separated

How we serve you?
* Send us horoscopes or Date, Place & Time of birth of would-be couples
* In case these details are unavailable or not accurate, we’ll use Prashna or Hora system (question based) to answer queries
* If married, be specific about your problem/query. Like, behavioural problem, whether you want divorce, want to avoid divorce/separation, want reunion with spouse.

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