Vastu Shastra Expert | Gurgaon Delhi India

Vastu Shastra Expert | Gurgaon Delhi India

vastu shastra consultantVastu Shastra is ancient Indian science that helps one to get natural benefits freely offered by five basic elements (panchbhootas) of the universe – Air, Sky, Water, Fire and Earth. The human body is also made of these five elements and these very same elements are used in construction and functioning of a house or work place.

Why is Vastu important?
* Vastu follows scientific concept of inherent energy
* Vastu combines all five elements of nature and balance them with human and material
* Vastu creates a congenial setting or betters a place to live or work in scientific way
* Right blend of Vastu elements creates positive energy paves that enhances health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened environment
* Faulty Vastu gives rise to ill health, mental instability, depression, negativity, financial losses etc.

How we serve you?

Want to have Vastu consultation for new building or existing building? We recommend personal visit by the astrologer. If not possible, then follow as mentioned below:

* If planning to construct new building, send us proposed map or outline of the plot, we’ll guide you to construct what in which direction. Eg, entrance-exit, front gate, kitchen, bed room, office, bathroom etc
* If facing problem in exiting building, send us outlined map of the building and cite problems being faced. We’ll study the structure and resolve the issues without breaking or damaging any part
* Our whole focus is on vedic remedies which warrant minimal damage to structures, the problem is solved through vedic rituals and yantras
* If you have individual office and facing problem, do send us your Date, Place & Time of birth along with map of the office
* We have satisfactorily solved hundreds of Vastu related problems without breaking or damaging structures.

Need Vastu consultation, visits?

Call, WhatsApp, or email for appointment:
Phone: +91-9783 0000 13
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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